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Welcome to Gothenburg Pianofestival new blog!

My name is Ha-Young Sul.

I am a concertpianist, event/concertproducer and piano pedagogue.

Founded the Gothenburg Piano Festival (Göteborgs Pianofestival), Sweden in 2010.

I am very happy that this festival has taken place every year and also so grateful that many of serious sponsorships and collaborations work with me. It means a lot. My aim is to support the culture of piano in a best way that include both masterclasses, concerts for young pianists, activities, family concerts. The important meeting place for everyone who love music and particularly the piano music. The program includes a broad variety that can be presented in so many ways and always focus on the piano as this is the main instrument.

Ha-Young Sul, concertpianist/Founder & Artistic director for Göteborgs pianofestival

Photographer John Hagby

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