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augusti 2020 

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Unga och Lovande konsert

Unga och Lovande Konsert Young and Promising pianists concert Place: Stenhammarsalen, the Concerthouse, Gothenburg


Festivalconcert! at the Foajé, Gothenburg Opera house


Pianists: Helena Ha-Young Sul Katarina Ström-Harg Per Tengstrand Henrik Kilhamn

Presentation for the Festivalconcert: Gustaf Edlund

Lavignac: Galop Marche

We have fun!

The wood mouse plays the grand piano!

Dancing and singing!

The pianist Per Tengstrand on stage!

Playing the Moonlight sonata by Beethoven

Opera Spirits and the pianist Helena Ha-Young Sul on the stage

Katarina Ström Harg and Helena Ha-Young Sul

Henrik Kilhamn and Gustaf Edlund

Katarina Ström Harg playing solo

The great Finnish pianist Iiro Rantala playing his pieces with bravur

The pianist Ha-Young Helena Sul playing Tango with Iiro Rantala


We are happy for the collaboration with the Swedish Balet school

A great amount of public at the GöteborgsOperan/Opera House

A great sponsorship and collaboration CASIO pianos. Exhibition at the Gothenburg Concerthouse

People try out the pianos by CASIO

Per Tengstrand and student Madeleine Löfdahl after the masterclass Place: Viktor Rydbergssale at the Concerthouse

Debussy concert Stenhammarsalen

Debussy cello sonata played by Antonio Hallongren, cellist and Thomas Rudberg, piano

Fourhands by Debussy performed by Helena Ha-Young Sul and Maurizio Moretti

Young pianists played at the Dicksonska Palatset, a lovely place

Masterclasses with young pianists

Prof. Maurizio Moretti and Samir Abdourazakov

Iiro Rantala and Helga at the GöteborgsOperan

Festivalconcert at the GöteborgsOperan