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APPLICATION 11-16 of August 2020

Here you can fill in the application form.

Masterclasses (Open lessons with the audience)

Concert performances and lectures

Place: Viktor Rydbergssalen and Neemi Järvirummet at the Concerthouse in Gothenburg, Sweden

Apply for participate as passive audience. The entrance to the Piano Festival are free.
Application to be active part of the masterclasses
(open lessons with the audience)
Teacherswill be announced soon.
Open to all students. 
Write about yourself, your teacher, your repertoire list.
Important to write what pieces you would like to work on.
Both female and male composers are welcome.
Place: Concerthouse in  Gothenburg, Sweden
Datum: 11-16 of August 2020
Concert for students and teachers.
As a teacher you are also welcome to apply, if you like to perform solo or four hands with other teachers or your students.
Concert at the Viktor Rydbergssalen, Concerthouse
Apply to
compose your own piece of music
write to your poem
Theme: Music
Venue: Concerthouse, Göteborg
Date: 29 October 2019 at 16.00-17.00
Activities will be updated soon.
Apply to be sure to have reserved seat.
Limited places.
Apply to
VI LIRAR PIANO TILLSAMMANS - we play piano together 
Concert venue: Concerthouse, Göteborg 
You can download the score above to prepare.
If you are in your own group you can prepare something own music.
Rocka på by Michael Aaron
Turkisk march by Beethoven
and more...
Anmäl dig till
Konsertbesök med Höstlovskören och GSO
Du får fribiljetter från Göteborgs Pianofestival styrelse.
Begränsat antal.
Samling kl. 17:30 vid Viktor Rybergssalen.
Spelplats: Konserthuset Göteborg 
Datum: 30 oktober 2019 kl. 18:00