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© 2018 by TOKYO DESIGN. Proudly created with Gothenburg Piano Festival

Find Your favorite music and discover the magical world of the fantastic sound of piano! 

A musical and inspiring meeting place! We encourage Young pianists!

Dear music-friends!

We experience a difficult situation all over the world. But we believe the music and art will take us to the best solution and build bridges to help each other with good will.

In difficult time we remember to do our best in many ways and the music will give us strenght to manage the difficult situation.

So during this time you can enjoy our videos from the Gothenburg Piano Festival and hope to see you all very soon!

with love, Helena Ha-Young Sul and the board of member

Are you celebrating with us?

Här kan du anmäla dig till våra aktiviteter!

Deadline: 15 juli 2020

Beethoven in Gothenburg

250 years!

Citat av Ludwig van Beethoven. Aldrig ska jag glömma de dagar jag spenderat med dig. Fortsätt vara min vän, som du alltid kommer finna mig din. Applåder, vänner, komedin är över.

Historiskt med Beethoven

Concerts, lectures and workshops during the Gothenburg Piano Festival is now planned. The artists and programme will be out soon!